Good Morning November 14

What is man? That’s the question David asked in Psalm 8. He was awed by God’s creation, and His purpose for man. This is an important question from another aspect. What is the nature of man, – you and me? Are we basically good at the core of our being, or are we evil? Or perhaps just neutral, and our environment pushes us one way or the other? The answer to this question determines our entire view of how we see life, of how we understand God, and of how we make moral decision. Whole schools of philosophy, education, and social science have been built around each possible answer. I believe the Bible is quite clear. Ah, but there’s another rub. Many reject the Bible as having any Divine authority. None the less, the Bible declares that man – you and I – in our own nature are corrupt and evil. From the very first sin millennia ago, man’s nature has been corrupted, and set in opposition to God. If this were not true, we would have seen some progress in human nature over the span of history. Yet, we fight the same wars, we have the same ethnic strife, we still lie, and cheat to protect ourselves and gain advantage over others. The root of change is not in bringing out something we think is man’s innate goodness, or improving his environment. It is in a basic change of the heart, the very inner core of man. And that is something only God can accomplish from the outside, and has accomplished for us in Jesus Christ. There is a new life available to all people.