Good Morning December 1

What is necessary for life? Certainly air, water, and food are essential to sustain physical life. Along with rest and exercise, these keep the body moving, but life is more than the physical body. We need a reason for being. Animals survive by nature and instinct, but humans ponder the questions of purpose. Why am I here? What is the point to life? To answer these kinds of questions, we need fellowship with other humans to give us a sense of belonging. We need faith to show us that there is something beyond our brief span of years, and give us hope. We are not self made, and we are not self sufficient. Our God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, invites us to find our meaning in Him. There are many world faiths. This shows the hunger of man for meaning. But true meaning is only found in the One who loved us enough to reveal Himself personally in Jesus Christ. By growing deeper in our own life with Jesus we find meaning, and we can help others find meaning for their lives. And that is really necessary.