Good Morning December 4

I read a poem a while back about how one person felt close to God when in church on Sunday morning. In the singing and the prayers, God seemed to be very near. This is good, and we are admonished in Scripture to “not neglect the meeting together.” (Hebrews10:25) When we come together in the congregation we are fed by Word and Sacrament, and assured of the love and grace of God. But we also remind ourselves that God is not confined to a building or an hour. We like the expression 24/7, but that is our God. Jesus said, “I am with you always, even to the close of the age.” (Matthew28:20) It is right and necessary that we be regular in our corporate worship, but we are to worship our Lord daily. We praise Him through all of our actions, seek Him for our direction, and lean on Him for our strength. We can talk with Him as friend to friend. It is always nice to “feel” close to our Lord, but whether we do or not, we are reminded that He is always close to us, whether we are in a church building or not.