Good Morning December 5

When one attends college they usually choose a major field of study to pursue. In order to reach the degree level, a specific series of courses are required. They proceed in order from the 100 level, to the 200 level, and so forth. A person can’t obtain the degree by taking any courses that strike their fancy, simply seems easy, or in any order they choose. The educational process simply doesn’t work that way. Earth is our college course for all that comes after. It is the Lord who determines the course load, and the requirements for graduation. He has an eternal purpose for us, and is training us now for that work. He will not work against our will. We have many choices to make, but we cannot follow any old path in this life and expect to fulfill His purpose. We have receive admission through faith in Jesus Christ. He is now our guidance counselor. He knows us personally, and loves us deeply. His desire is the same as that for any student, that we be humble and teachable. We need to seek Him for our direction, and strive to do our best. His Degree is of the greatest worth.