Good Morning December 11

War is never far from anyone’s attention. Whether it is news about Syria, or Afghanistan, or “cold” wars of economic sanctions and other measures, we constantly hear of “wars and rumors of wars”.(Matthew 24:6) War has existed ever since we rebelled and were driven from the Garden. The greatest war is that which takes place within us. It is a war of wills, our will against God’s will. It is the war between “I want” and “I know I should”. This war causes internal struggles, and erupts into external conflicts, whether individuals or nations. It is a war that will continue as long as we are in our human flesh. There is only one remedy for this war, a change from within. And there is only one source for that remedy in the God who created us. Our God chose to come among us to bring light into a dark world, providing the only means for changing the inner core of man that is the cause of war. Christmas celebrates the coming of that God, our God, the Lord Jesus Christ. The One who took into His own body the punishment all our hostility deserves, making it possible for us to have peace. Christmas celebrates the Prince of Peace. Not just general feelings of good will, but a true change of heart, that alone brings peace with God and man.