Good Morning Dacember 15

We are in the midst of all the Christmas preparations, shopping, decorating, preparing for services at church, and more. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, the Christ. It is so much more than a time of busy, sometime frantic activity. It is so much more than even the beautiful story of the nativity. It is the time when we again declare that God came down from heaven, so that we might be fitted for heaven. This birth opens up for us the possibility of eternity in God’s Kingdom. This child is God incarnate. He came to be the Redeemer of mankind. This birth causes us to think beyond the confines of our own span of years. It is far more than a time of proclaiming peace and good will on earth. As we are well aware, peace and good will can easily pass just as the season does. We are encouraged to think beyond the season. The Christ Child came to give us life. Not physical life, but life in relationship to Almighty God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We were created for eternity, and we have begun to live that eternity right now. Our plans and directions today go far beyond the Christmas planning and buying season. For all that we are and do today fits us for the Kingdom to come.