Good Morning December 17

The angel Gabriel came to the young Nazarene girl called Mary to tell her she was going to become pregnant. Inconvenient to say the very least. She was engaged. That would certainly blow that out of the window. It would also bring disgrace to her family. She live in a small town of mostly religious people that was certainly far less tolerant than today. Had Mary lived 2000 years later the solution would have been obvious. To continue her lifestyle and have the good life she wanted, she would have to do something about this unwanted baby. And with that child all mankind would have been lost as well. What looks inconvenient, or a burden to us, God can use for good. Even those things that we cause by our own sin, God can forgive, redeem, and use for blessing. Fortunately for us Mary was not of the modern mindset. She responded to the angel’s words, “I am the Lord’s servant, May your word to me be fulfilled.”(Luke 1:38) The Redeemer was born. Through Him we have forgiveness, cleansing, and new life, even now in this modern enlightened age.