Good Morning December 29

One of many souvenirs on my book shelf is from the Statue of Liberty. It is a perfectly clear block of glass in the center of which is an etched, 3D picture of the statue. I have looked at this image from every angle, and haven’t the faintest notion of how the 3D etching was put inside. I could probably look it up on How Things Work, but I never have. It is much like the way God works in our hearts. That’s something not found on How Things Work. God’s unseen hand works in us, or in others through our prayers, and we have not the faintest idea how it is done. God also works sovereignly in the world by the power of His Spirit. There is so much in the realm of God’s Spirit, and our own human spirits, that is a mystery to us. Yet we do see the results, like the beautiful image in the glass block. All the works of God’s unseen hand are according to His perfect will and are good. We can give thanks in all things.