Good Morning January 20

What is the church? Is it a building in such and such a location? Is it a place where you go most Sundays to worship God? Is it a place you like to go to meet and work with some friends on worthy causes? The Apostle Paul would not identify with any of these. The church is a fellowship, a body of believers, to which God has called each one to come and be a part. It is a body of people who hold a common belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour. Some call the church a group of hypocrites, and it is. It is a body of people who recognize that they are broken and in need of forgiveness, and so are willing to be patient and forgiving of one another. It is a body of individual, you and me, who seek to put the need and feelings of others ahead of ourselves, who are more willing to listen than to speak, and who seek to handle conflicts in the grace God gives. It is a body that needs the least as well as the greatest. The Church is a body of people that can only exist as long as God, Himself, is at work among them and within each heart. With God’s presence it is a place of fellowship that gives a foretaste and hope for all that is yet to come in the Kingdom.