Good Morning January 22

What does it mean to say that we live in a fallen world? Among other things I think it means that nothing in this world is going to be exactly the way we would like it to be. We work on our relationship, but people have a sinful nature and are going to irritate one another. With age comes health problems as the body breaks down. We spend lots of time and money on cars and homes to make them comfortable for ourselves, but they’re not perfect. We frustrate ourselves by trying to make things perfect that simply cannot be. It is why the New Testaments speaks often about patience, forbearance, contentment, forgiveness, humility, and so forth. We are to concentrate on and build those things that are good. We look in love to what is for the good of others. We deal with those things that are of first importance, and learn to be content with the rest. The perfect will not come until our Lord, Himself, appears. Until then we can rejoice and give thanks for the grace and strength our Lord does give in the midst of this fallen life.