Good Morning January 27

Love is the strongest bond on earth. Perhaps rivaled only by hate, but let’s consider love. I know of families who have serious difficulties with a child, or one spouse with another. It may be physical or behavioral, and it may last for ten, twenty, or more years. Yet they do not quit. Love keeps them seeking, serving, working, praying, hoping year after year. It is the true picture of Paul’s verses in I Corinthians 13. “Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”(vss.7-8) I expect you know of or have lived such situations. The truth we see in all of this is, if we can love in such a way how much more does our Heavenly Father love and continue to seek after us. A beautiful hymn penned by George Matheson in the 1880s expresses it so will. “O Love that wilt not let me go, I rest my weary soul in thee; I give thee back the life I owe, That in thine ocean depths its flow May richer, fuller be.” That love was demonstrated in its perfect depth on the cross of Calvary. That is God’s love for you this day.