Good Morning February 3

Are Christians hypocrites? Yes, we are. Do we at times teach one thing and then not follow it ourselves. Yes, we do. And at time we are so bad we continue in our hypocrisy knowing that we are doing it, but we have a God who refuses to let us off the hook. He has chosen to dwell among us in the presence of His Holy Spirit to call us to account when He sees us acting falsely. Our God refuses to allow us to be comfortable in our sin. He lays His hand on parts of our life that need changing, calling us to repentance. As we are willing to yield to Him and lay our sins at the foot of the cross, He does forgive and cleanse us. Hypocrisy is just one of our many sins, and we are an ongoing work. But God, in His mercy, continues to work, calling us to repent, humble ourselves before Him, and flee to Christ as the source of cleansing and life. Are we hypocrites? Yes, but hypocrites that are being changed by the grace of God.