Good Morning February 4

I’ve always found prayer a mystery. Being mechanically inclined, I want to know how things work, but prayer has remained a mystery. Are we convincing God to do something He would otherwise not do? I don’t that that is true. Are we somehow focusing God’s grace on the area of our concern. Maybe, but again a mystery. I think the point is that we don’t need to know how it works. We know that it does. Our Lord has taught us to pray. He has told us to continue in prayer. We have seen answers to our prayers enough times that we know it is all true. Further, we are told to pray with thanksgiving. That is, we pray believing that God does hear us, even the deepest unspoken prayer of our hearts, and thanking Him that He has called us to come and join our life to His. Prayer will remain a mystery, and I confess that I’m not that good at it. But we have a God who calls us to come Him with all of our sorrows and joys, all of our needs and praise, putting our life and the lives of all we care about into His hands in trust. That really is all we need to know.