Good Morning February 9

The Amish try to live a relatively simple life close to the land. They disdain a lot of the technology that fills our modern world. A person from outside the Amish community was visiting a Amish family. The visiting woman asked the Amish mother if she really would enjoy having a television to watch in the evenings. The Amish mother responded with a question in return. What would I have to give up to have a television? It is an important question worth asking when we consider each piece of our new technology. In truth, we do give up something with each new item, be it time that might have been used for reading, personal conversations with new people rather than listening through ear buds that shut everyone out, or maybe just time to be quiet and think. The sacrifices come in a variety of ways, and we really never consider them sacrifices, but they are. Maybe we would do well to consider what that Amish mother asked. What do I have to give up to have this? We may find that we really would be better off with a little less.