Good Morning February 11

We have rules for everything. To use this computer we must follow the rules according to the engineer’s design. The car runs by set tolerances and values the designers established. They can’t be violated and still have a car that runs. Traffic is governed by rules, as is the government. Even the dentist sets down rules for brushing and flossing. Somehow we feel that God shouldn’t be that way. After all, He is loving an forgiving, isn’t He? Yes, He certainly is, but that doesn’t change the fact that He created life, yours and mine, and determined the rules by which we find the best possible life. As humans we love to bend the rules. We may get by and think we are doing OK. But then we always get less than the best God desires for us. It is why He has given us the Scriptures, His revealed word. We are to seek out and understand His direction for life. We are never free of trouble in a fallen world, but we can go through it with a clear conscience, and His strength sufficient to meet all our needs.