Good Morning February 16

Each Sunday we pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in various parts of the world who are being persecuted for their faith. We have recently had the news of a group of Egyptian Coptic Christians being killed by a radical Islamic group. This is only one small part of the suffering our fellow Christians are enduring in many countries. They need our prayer support, and not only on Sundays, but continually. Thinking of this always raises the question in my mind about what I could endure. I am here in my warm and comfortable home many miles removed from their suffering. Could I face what they are facing? Of course, that is a question impossible to answer. I hope so, but I can never really know unless it actually confronted me. Our faith gets tested in lesser ways at the grocery store, the work place, at home, and the community in general. How do I stand up there? What I can do, and what I must do, is to seek to strengthen my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ each and every day through Scripture, through prayer, through worship, and through realizing more fully that Jesus is the source and joy of all my life. Ultimately, it is only the Lord’s grace that sustains us in all situations.