Good Morning February 19

Listening to the radio yesterday there was an advertisement for an internet service that cleans up one’s reputation on a Google search. If the owner of a company wants to present the best image, this service will remove anything negative that comes up in the owners past, court cases, bankruptcy, divorce, etc. This way the business owner’s reputation is presented in the best light. I think we have a lot of politicians that try to use a service like this. The ad struck me as a lesson for us all. It is better not to get into problems in the first place. Our Lord has given us values to live by for our best good. However, we do fail. We all do, or have done, things we are not proud of. We all sin, but the solution is not hiding them and hoping they are never seen. The Christian’s solution is confessing them before God, and receiving His forgiveness for the sake of Christ. Repentance and forgiveness is not about hiding, but about cleansing. The sin is forgiven, we are cleansed, and we can move on with a clear conscience in serving our Lord.