Good Morning February 24

Does anyone know who Zephaniah is? Some will, many won’t. He is one of the so called Minor Prophets, accounting for just three chapters near the end of the Old Testament. Zephaniah is rather obscure. Not the book you turn to first in reading the Bible. Yet, his message is important. He had to declare God’s judgment on sin, but he also brought a great message of hope for God’s restoration. His obscurity doesn’t lessen the importance of God’s truth spoken through him. Most of us are obscure in the grand scheme of things. But we, too, have a message of both judgment and hope to proclaim to the world around us. Judgment, by simply seeking to live by the values of our Lord, and hope in our knowledge of the Saviour who made atonement for all sins. Let us, obscure people, continue to proclaim God’s great message.