Good Morning March 10

Yesterday I had the occasion to be in a doctors waiting room, a fast food restaurant, and a supermarket. In each of those places music was playing, and I must say not to my taste or the volume I would prefer. No one was really listening to it. It was just there. I had to wonder, what is the problem with silence? I go to the Y several times a week to exercise. Most of the people have their ear buds in. Can we not stand our own thoughts? Or have we become so dull that we have no thoughts, we really meditate upon nothing beyond the current noise in our ears? I know this is one of my pet peeves, but I think there’s truth in it. There is so much to observe in the world around us. There are so many people for whom we can offer a brief prayer. There are so many world events that can occupy serious thought. There are so many passages of Scripture that can be held in mind to calm and quiet our hearts. Silence is not to be feared, but to be cherished. For out of it God speaks.