Good Morning March 12

The Global Positioning System has become the standard for traveling today. We went to Baltimore Tuesday evening to have dinner with my son. The GPS in the car got us to his hotel perfectly. The GPS is in smart phones, it guides our ships and planes. The system works by a series of satellites 23,000 miles above the earth that beam back reference signals allowing us to accurately locate where we are. Brilliant technology from man’s ingenuity. But as with all of man’s inventions, God has one better. God has given us His Spirit as our guide for life. God, the Holy Spirit, along with His written Word, accurately locates where we are in life, and shows us the direction we need to go. I don’t know why we find this so incredible, or doubt God’s reliability. We trust our lives to unseen signals from unseen satellites whose technology we can’t fathom, and, I might add, are vulnerable to a variety of outside causes. God’s Word and His Spirit have proven themselves reliable throughout thousands of years of history. If we can trust ourselves to the fallible works of man, how much more trustworthy is the truth of our Lord.