Good Morning March 20

What is an accomplishment? That can be an interesting question since we are an accomplishment oriented people. That is to say, at the end of a day we want to feel like we have had one or more things usefully completed. We often tie our self worth to this attitude. If something we feel meaningful has not been accomplished then we can feel a lack of value. But back to the question, what is an accomplishment? I know that if I have completed my sermon by the end of the day, or perhaps several needed chores around the house, I feel good about the day. Other day, nothing seems to get completed as I would have liked, but maybe it is those days we realize the truth of what Thomas Edison said about his light bulb experiments, “We’ve learned a thousand things that don’t work.” Other days, are days we just need a rest from accomplishing stuff. We need to slow down, think, pray, and let the Lord work in us. “Those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength.”(see Isaiah 40:28-31) Accomplishment is not always completing our so called useful tasks. At times it is stepping aside and allowing God to decide what is useful for this day.