Good Morning March 25

Many Christians will plan retreats for spiritual enrichment. Our local pastors meet for a morning each month to talk, look at Scripture and have communion. The pastors of our national body have an annual Pastor’s Conference for fellowship, study, worship, and fun. It is good to get away, have some time to be quiet, and focus on the Lord. These times are great, but we don’t always have to get away to be refreshed in our Lord. The Lord invites us to come to Him often, even numerous times during the day. A time for prayer in the morning begins the day with quietness and trust. Prayer at meal time reminds us of the goodness of our God. In times of hurry or stress, a few minutes, or even seconds of quiet prayer and turning the heart to the Lord, can calm and renew the spirit. Concluding the day with prayer leaves the cares of the day in God’s hand, and brings rest. It is nice to get away, but the Lord is never far off, and we don’t have to go anywhere to meet Him. Our Lord invites us to go apart with Him many time each day.