Good Morning March 27

In John 15 Jesus uses the illustration of the vine and the branches showing that a branch can only bear fruit as long as it is attached to the vine. And then He says, “apart from me you can do nothing.”(vs.5) The question is, do we believe that? We like to think that we are capable people. We have talents and abilities. We have reasoning power to work out problem. Jesus is making a pretty flat statement here. “Apart from me you can do nothing.” Certainly we continue to live, and move, and accomplish various tasks. We are not always doing some good work for another person. We are not always doing something in the name of Jesus. No, but when we are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ He is continually working within to shape us into His image. So, what we do, whether in a sacred or a secular task, is done in the nature of Christ. Whether it is feeding the hungry or watching a baseball game it is done to the glory of God. We truly do nothing apart from Jesus.