Good Morning March 31

A friend of ours, for whom our church has been praying, is undergoing a life saving heart operation today. We pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors, for peace and strength for her husband, and for complete healing from her condition. It is a frightening time when one is facing the possibility of death. We look in hope to the medical profession, and the mercy and grace of our God. That is also what this week is about. All of us, no matter how fit we are, have a serious heart condition that does lead to death. We are by nature sinful and separated from God, and that is spiritual death. We are in desperate need of intervention by a wisdom and power beyond ourselves. Jesus is that intervention. He provided the full healing power necessary to repair our diseased hearts. We have the assurance that, through faith in Him, our hearts have been healed. He has take our sin and given us His righteousness. He has taken our death and given us life. This couple, for whom we are praying, believes that deeply. They, as we, very much want to see a good physical result from this operation. but above all we know that in Jesus, death has been overcome, and we do have life and hope in Him.