Good Morning April 1

April first, April Fools Day, supposedly a day for playing practical jokes, for trying to get someone to believe something and end up looking like a fool. I don’t know how this ever got started, but it seem to me this is the week of the greatest April Fools joke ever. One that God played on mankind. We know that this week is heading towards the cross on which Jesus died. The Jewish leaders thought they were rid of this troublemaker who was upsetting their system. The Romans thought they had gotten rid of a thorn in their side that had been disturbing the peace. They all thought that the heavy stone over the mouth of the tomb was the end of the matter. They were all fooled. the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was just the beginning. The committed followers of this itinerant rabbi would go from a few scraggly followers to number in the billions. What they thought was the death of one man, brought life to untold numbers who believed in Him. Quite a joke, but not a joke at all. For regardless of how the modern world tries to deconstruct the truth of Scripture or deny the Lordship of Christ, we know that we have true life in Him. “The foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom…”(I Corinthians 1:25) In God’s foolishness we have life.