Good Morning April 7

More than 30 years ago psychiatrist Dr. Karl Menninger wrote a book entitled Whatever Became of Sin. Menninger had come from many years of experience to consider moral values an essential aspect of psychiatry, and the conditions that affect many. He said that the word “sin” has almost disappeared from our vocabulary. If what Dr. Menninger said 30 years ago was true, what about today? Moral values and sin raise the issue of being accountable to a Holy God, but we do our best to push God out of any public debate. It is fine for Christians to do all the shouting they want on Easter about Jesus being alive, but don’t let Him inject values into the public sphere. This is the problem many Christians have with non-discrimination policies today. Scripture clearly tells us to discriminate between God pleasing behavior and sinful behavior. We must not discriminate against race, gender, and national origin or even sexual orientation. These have nothing to do with sin. But there are lifestyle actions, including gay marriage, that are clearly sinful and not God pleasing. We are to treat all people with love and respect, but we cannot do anything to support actions we believe are sinful. This is our problem with non-discrimination, and it is a place where we must stand.