Good Morning April 11

We’ll try a Saturday message this week since yesterday didn’t work very well. Things don’t always work as we planned. Or shall we say many times they aren’t quite what we expected. Yesterday we had a flight cancelled on us due to a computer failure in the aircraft. We lost a day of our Florida vacation, which we obviously were not happy about. Even so, the AL put us up in a very nice hotel for the night. We had a great dinner, and a relaxing evening. Alternatives to our plans don’t always turn out as pleasant, but nonetheless, the Lord has His ways of working in the midst of our changed plans. I will say I was patient in the midst of the hassle of yesterdays changes. Not always normal for me. But we really can only take one day, one hour at a time, and look to see what the Lord is doing in the midst of our times and seasons. It always comes back to trust, patience, and being at peace in our Lord. Not easy lessons, but valuable beyond measure.