Good Morning April 22

Macro and micro, terms used in economics and other fields to describe the breadth of view one takes on a subject. Macro is a broad view or whole picture. Micro is a narrow view looking at specific items or areas. I mention this because it is important in the way people view the Bible. Many people will take a micro view, particularly of the Old Testament, picking out laws or actions that don’t make sense to them. They don’t see the macro view of the whole of what God was doing to bring a sinful people back to Himself. It is easy to pick out a number of seemingly silly laws, or worse, the slaughter of whole peoples, and reject it all as actions of an unloving god of wrath. One must view the Bible as a whole narrative of the God who created us, who loves us in spite of the fact that we have and continue to rebel from Him, and who has done everything necessary to restore our life with Him. The small things do matter, but they fit into a much larger and beautiful picture of what God seeks for mankind.