Good Morning May 1 – additional note

Dear Friends of Good Morning,

Thank you for being faithful readers over many years. I am just writing this additional note to let you know that I am taking a little break from writing for a few weeks. Having done this now for more than 15 years, and filed over 3500 messages, I thought a little break wouldn’t hurt. My next Good Morning, the Good Lord willing, will be posted on May 25th. What began years ago just as a greeting for my five children has now, because of the internet, spread to more than 50 countries. I say that, not as some mark of pride, but of God’s grace. The only reason I continue to write is to share God’s truth from Scripture, and pray that His Spirit awakens hearts to a deeper love for our Saviour, and for others.

God’s richest blessings to each of you, until we again share His word together.

Have a very good day in the Lord Jesus.