Good Morning May 26

Having just returned from from Hawaii, and going through a variety of airports, we’ve had the opportunity to be in a number of very diverse crowds of people. There were many different faces and styles of dress. I have the tendency, though I’m sure I’m not alone, to form snap judgments about whether we like a person or not. It is easy to write a person off because of their looks or mannerisms, but this is where we need to be very cautious. There was a man at one of our hotels – about 6ft. 5in., 275 lbs, shaved head, tattoos on every visible part of skin – definitely not the man you want on the wrong side of an altercation. Yet when we saw him later in the day he was romping on the grass with his 2 year old daughter being the perfect dad. As I said, careful with first judgments! Each one we see is one that our God has made in His image, and one for whom Jesus died. All are not going to be good people, but all deserve our respect and kindness until they prove otherwise. All the externals mean very little. It was a good lesson for me, at least.