Good Morning May 27

The sign on the highway says the speed limit is 65 mph. It is there because of a state statute that mandates the maximum speed limit on this states highways is 65. The road engineers who laid out the road determined that this was a safe speed according to their design. There is a lot of discussion about this limit. Certain groups of people believe that it really means that 70 and 75 miles per hour is an acceptable speed to drive. Others have formed a coalition to get various organization to support them in driving at 75 mph. Others believe no limit should be imposed. Let everyone do what they think is best. And the ones who drive at the faster rate believe that the slower drivers should be respected for their conscience, but do it in the far right lane away from the others. The police are there, but they are fundamentalists, and shouldn’t be taken seriously. After all society is changing, and we’ve got to change with it. Yet, somehow that pesky sign and state statute remain in place. Do they mean anything or not? OK, so you don’t like my speed limit parable, but are there any parallels here?