Good Morning May 28

As humans we naturally do not like rules. We don’t like being told what to do. But the concept of law is meant for our good. Oh I know, we have messed the concept up terribly, but lets think about it. The laws, or rules, by which something functions properly is directly related to its complexity. The rockets that supply the International Space Station are incredibly complex. They have very precise standards by which they must operate. If any small part of those rules is ignored, treated as optional, the whole mission is jeopardized. Humans are the most complex system ever created. Why do we think it so strange that the Creator has given a set of rules or laws by which people function best? Yet we continually rationalize around and ignore God’s laws. There are really two kinds of laws in Scripture, those that were intended to train a primitive people in the desert, and those meant universally for mankind’s good. Jesus fulfilled all laws perfectly. The first type no longer apply, but can be instructive. The second type are only ignored to our own hurt because that violates the way our Maker intended us to live. As we read the Scripture let us try to understand what God is saying, and not be so willing to brush God’s word aside.