Good Morning May 29

A few more thoughts on God’s laws before we move on. First we must be clear. We are not saved by following laws. We have our salvation because of the pure grace of God through our faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Salvation is always a free gift of our God and not by our works. But I mentioned two kinds of laws in the Bible. Many people will mock and disregard particularly the Old Testament because of laws that seem foolish, like not wearing a garment with two kinds of material, or planting a field with two kinds of seed. These are the first kind of laws. These certainly apply no longer, but they were for the training of a primitive people to be a different people. They were not to become mixed with all the other pagan peoples around them. They were called to be different so that they could be the channel through which God would bring His grace and truth to all peoples. They had the reminder of this presented to them in many aspects of their daily life, clothes, fields, and even the reason behind the slaughters that we detest so much. They couldn’t be a mixed people and still bring a pure message to the world. While we don’t follow the letter of their laws, and we certainly do not slaughter those opposed to us, the call to be different still applies. Christians are called to be a different people in the midst of a pagan world. Our desire is to reach out in love showing all others our God of grace and truth in Jesus Christ. That will lead to the second kind of laws, but we will hold that for the next time.