Good Morning June 1

There are many rehabilitation programs today for various substance abuses. People engaged in that work know it is a long and slow process. It is step by step, with a number of steps backwards as well as forwards before real change and long lasting success is reached. Substance abuse is very serious and very destructive. But that is just what the Old Testament is all about. God is dealing with mankind who has rebelled from Him, and infected himself with the deadly disease of sin. Don’t ever discount the seriousness of this disease. God had to work with this one people, Israel, some steps forward many backwards, to get them to the place where the Christ could come through them. One cannot force a person through substance rehab, and God would not force His people. His work took several thousand years. We can’t be to quick to discount or push aside the Old Testament without understanding what God is seeking to do, or the way He had to do it, to restore mankind to himself. His purpose was always the same as any rehabilitation program, to restore life.