Good Morning June 11

Many people have trouble taking the Bible to be God’s Word. They will point to some of God’s laws or His judgments on people in the Old Testament, or instructions for marriage and family order in the New, and say they can’t be from a good and loving God. But as soon as we start picking and choosing passages we like or don’t like we get ourselves in trouble. The Bible is one narrative, from Genesis through Revelation, of God working to redeem a fallen people and bring them into an abiding relationship with Himself. Even the parts we don’t like have a reason for being in that narrative. It is why we use the principle of letting Scripture interpret Scripture. Of course, there are many things we have difficulty in understanding, but that is not a reason to dismiss them. God, the Holy Spirit, progressively teaches us truths about our Lord, our life, and the purpose for which He created us. Our task is to continue reading and enjoying the new light He does bring to our hearts. It really is His Word.