Good Morning June 19

There are lots of discussions among denominations about their doctrinal differences. But when something happens like it did this week at Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, SC none of that makes much difference. Our brothers and sisters were senselessly killed by a gunman who had set in their prayer meeting for an hour. A part of our body has been seriously hurt. It touches us all. And not only Charleston, but our brothers and sisters are suffering and dying in numerous places around the world. Our doctrines are important, but with events such as these we must realize that we are one body, confessing faith in our one Lord Jesus Christ. We stand with one another in prayer and support. We also live in the conviction that death is not the end of life, and when it comes to us, by whatever means, we remain in the strong hands of our Lord. We live in the truth the Jesus will finally gain the victory over all evil.