Good Morning June 29

From the beginning of creation God created mankind to be in a relationship with Himself. But that relationship was to be on His terms as creator, not on terms as we choose. He created man and woman different, and not interchangeable. They were to complement each other with their individual gifts, abilities, and makeup. God joined them together and called them “one flesh”. Thus creating a visible symbol in human marriage of unity in diversity which is the nature of our Triune God. God has given us a number of symbols of His grace in visible things, including the Old Testament perfect lamb that we slain as a symbol of the atoning sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we insist on changing the images that God has given for us to know and understand Him, as our Supreme Court did with this week’s decision, it is absolutely detrimental to our relationship with our Lord. It makes no difference that it was done in the guise of constitutional right, love, tolerance or any other reason. It is wrong and against the good purpose God has for mankind. This is not just something that is detrimental to our society, which it is. It is also an affront in the face of our gracious God who created us.

[comment son]


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