Good Morning July 7

I read an article recently in our local paper about a church in our area. It is a congregation that doesn’t espouse any creeds. They are accepting of all people. They care about one another, the community, the environment. They continually have programs to help people find peace within themselves. They don’t talk about sin or the saving work of Jesus Christ, but it is perfectly fine if some want to believe that. They are welcome, too. In short, they are very nice people and their church is growing. The thought came to me as I read the article, how do you speak against something so nice? Well the truth is that you don’t. There is nothing wrong with being nice people and an asset to the community, but there is something missing. Nice doesn’t explain all the evil we see in the world. Nice doesn’t overcome the vices we see, even within ourselves. Nice doesn’t answer the deepest questions of life, or give any hope for something beyond this life. That only comes from a God who was willing to come among us, and live this life along side of us. A God who suffered everything we suffer and yet made a way through to peace and wholeness. True life comes from a God who is the source of all life, and has done everything possible to bring us into life’s fullness for today and eternally. Nice may grow a large congregation, but it doesn’t give the depth of peace found only in Jesus Christ.