Good Morning July 13

In Deuteronomy 17 there is a very interesting set of instructions for kings. I think we could also say they are good for all rulers. They were told first to be of the people, and not a foreigner. He was not to acquire many horses for himself, not to return to Egypt, not to take many wives, not to acquire large amounts of silver and gold, and to read the book of God’s law each day. Let’s bring these symbols up into our modern context. We would say that a ruler must be one of us. That is to understand us and our needs. He is not to seek great strength and power for himself – dare we say even forgetting political consideration for the next election in order to do what is right. He is not to return to the pagan ways of the world and its idolatry. He is to be faithful to his marriage covenant. He is not to seek office for material gain. And he is to read the Scriptures seeking God’s wisdom daily. It seems to me that these are good instructions for a leader in any age. But then I guess I’m expecting too much in our modern world.