Good Morning July 16

Sacrifice, a word not held in high favor today, but one very necessary to consider. We certainly know the value of sacrifice in Scripture. Old Testament sacrifices, while seeming to be a bloody mess, were an act of obedience and faith for the people. They were an important lesson pointing forward to the New Testament ultimate sacrifice in Jesus Christ. That act showed the depth of love God has for mankind. The sacrifice that Christ made is the source of life for us all. Now the life of that great sacrificial love becomes our model. It is not that we make atonement for anyone, but in His sacrifice we understand what true love is. We sacrifice when we willingly put another’s interest ahead of our own, when we hold our tongue instead of biting back, when we suffer some injustice instead of demanding our rights. Good relationships are built on sacrificial love. The central question is what I can give, not what I can get. Maybe, if we were willing to think about this further in the context of our society, we might sacrifice some portion of our government entitlements, or set aside political considerations in favor of the common good, we could find a better life together. We have been given the greatest life possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Young and old alike need to seriously think of what sacrificial love means for daily life. It is only through sacrifice that we find life.