Good Morning July 17

I pray earnestly for our young people. They are faced with a world that we over fifty never knew existed. The media, the educational institutions, and their peers teach them a way of life that is hard to resist. Not only is it hard to resist, they have found little reason to resist it, and they have known nothing different. We, the older generation, have not shown them there is a better way of life in the grace of our Lord Jesus. And even where parents have done their best to give kids a foundation in the the Lord the battle is overwhelming. It is God alone who can turn hearts to Himself. That is why I pray earnestly for my kids, grandkids, and young people in general. – Lord God of mercy and grace, reveal yourself to all these, your children. Help them to see the beauty, goodness, and joy in your life. Open their hearts so that they begin to love you more than all the attractions of this world. And Lord, help them to see how much you love them by first seeing that love in us. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.