Good Morning July 20

I am by no means a great thinker. I don’t come up with original or earth shaking concepts. But I have learned to question things, to reason through concepts, to compare modern ideas to historically accepted truths, and especially to those truths of Holy Scripture. It is easy to go along with the prevailing culture as the norm, and assume this is way things should be. “I’m comfortable. I’m getting along OK. Why should I bother about anything else?” Public opinion polls taken over a span of years show how wrong ideas become ingrained in people’s way of life . This is not really thinking through what is truly good and right, and above all, what is pleasing to the God who created us. Anatole France, a French poet, journalist, and novelist a century ago remarked that “if fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.” I’m afraid we find ourselves in this place, though with a lot more than fifty million people going along with foolish things. Many moderns have trouble with various parts of the Bible, but taken as a whole it is still the standard for judgment of what is good and right before God. We need to be willing to observe, think through, and question all that comes to us in our modern world, asking if this is really is the way God intends us to live.