Good Morning July 21

There is an article in the latest issue of WORLD magazine on Christian persecution in Nigeria. Many are being gunned down, women and children captured, churches burned. One of the striking features of these raids is that the radical perpetrators go to great lengths to destroy all the crosses. Even to climbing steeples to tear them down. The cross is a hated symbol. It is an offense to many. The cross has been given by Almighty God, the one true God, in His declaration to mankind. In that one symbol two truths are laid on the hearts of people whether they realize it or not. First, that the nature of man is sinful and corrupt, totally separated from God, and that there is no effort or appeasement in man’s power to bridge that separation. Second, the cross means that in the deepest of love, God sent His only begotten Son to suffer and die on that cross making the atonement that man is incapable of making for himself. The cross confronts us with who we are, and who God is. For many this is a truth too uncomfortable to deal with. It must be removed. It must be destroyed. This is no pretty gold or silver symbol on a chain that is a mere fashion statement. It is a truth that cuts to the heart of life, and requires a decision. A decision to either fall in worship before God the giver, or try to flee from the God who searches every heart.