Good Morning July 30

“God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”(Genesis 1:31) When we read the account in Genesis of the time of creation before the first rebellion, there was nothing but beauty and harmony. There was peace between man and his world, between man and woman, and between man and his God. It was the rebellion from God’s good that has brought trial, discord, and marred the beauty of God’s world. Yet, God is still good, and wants good for this fallen creation. It is why He came among us. The amazing truth of our good God is that He cared so much for His created beings that He got down in the mud with us so He could lead us back to His good life. God became man in Jesus Christ, a truth even more amazing than the creation itself. In Jesus Christ we have forgiveness, cleansing, and a new life. We are recreated in Jesus.