Good Morning August 4

In response to some of the things we see in our modern world we will sometimes hear a person say, “I guess I’m from the Old School, but…” Or “maybe I’m old fashioned but…” They mean that they are troubled by certain values or practices that seem to be commonly accepted by most people today. The thing is, it is very likely that the one of the Old School is right, and the conditions they see are wrong. Scripture in, numerous passages, advises that we hold to the wisdom of past ages, and not simply go along with modern trends, or because most people accept certain things. Our world has drifted far away from the guidance God gave us for our best good, and we are suffering for it. The one who says “maybe I”m old fashioned…” is listening to a voice of correction in his spirit that is saying the things troubling him are not God-pleasing and should not be accepted as truth. It’s time we listened more to that still small voice.