Good Morning


Good Morning
God is fun! That may seem like a strange thing to say. Too often we think of God as stern, or as awesome, or one to whom we have a duty to worship. These are true, but there is also great joy and holy fun is a relationship with the Lord. When God made man and woman He put them in a garden. He gave them the best of the best. Sin messed that up, but God still wants our best. God doesn’t patronize us giving us everything we want, but He does lead us toward the best life possible. The best life is not like medicine. It tastes terrible, but it’s good for you. A relationship with the Lord is joyful. The Bible says God laughs – especially at the silliness of His kids. Jesus had the most serious task in history, but I believe He laughed, too. He loved kids, and kids are funny. He loved fellowship and found great joy in companionship. To know God is the best joy possible. In Him we have good holy fun.

Pastor Irvin Stapf
Life’s Meaning Ministry
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