Good Morning August 19

When I pray I would love to feel the spiritual closeness of Jesus. Occasionally I do, but most times I don’t feel anything special. Does that mean I stop praying? Of course not. When I am with my wife I would like to always feel the emotions of early courtship. Sometime I do, but most times that’s not the way it is. Does that mean that I don’t love my wife? Of course not. We have based so much in our world upon personal good feelings, and the reward we get out of what we do, rather than the commitment to do what is right regardless of feelings. Yes, I do get many blessings from my wife, but I am committed to her through all of the ups and downs of life no matter what I feel. I am committed to my Lord, and His truth whether I ever feel His presence near me or not. The world needs to think more about its commitments to truth, and less about personal feelings and rewards. Only then do we find the right direction for all life.