Good Morning August 20

I saw one of the vanity license plates the other day that read NEVERENF. That’s not a slogan I would want to be know for, but it is for many today. We’ve got to have the new IPhone 5. No, it is the IPhone 6 that has even more features. But then there will be the 7, and the 9, and the 10. When a new one comes out the tech stores will have a line out front all during the night of people wanting to be the first to buy in the morning. Never enough! There is nothing wrong with wanting to better one’s self, or upgrade to a new item when possible. But we are called to learn contentment, to be at peace in our Lord, to set our goals on the good of others, and to use our resources wisely. NEVERENF does have a way of touching us all, especially surrounded by the media advertising constantly telling us what we must have. But we already have the greatest treasure possible, our God who loves us and has called us to Himself in Christ Jesus. In Him we can learn to be content. We really don’t need the bells and whistles on that new toy.