Good Morning August 25

Our men’s Bible study has been looking at the book of Proverbs. We find a lot of practical every day wisdom in Solomon’s sayings. One quality that is repeated often is teachableness, and along with that humility. A grandfather was once trying to show his young grandson something new and different. For whatever reason the grandson was resisting, and responded by saying, “I know best you do!” It is that attitude that blocks learning, and ends a dialog. I’m afraid there is too much of that in our world today. We are unwilling to learn from the lessons of history, and certainly not from Scripture. As a result we repeat many mistake of the past and head off in wrong directions. We could say that it has always been so, and it has. But we have come to a point today where life is moving so rapidly that the lack of humility, and teachableness has disastrous results. Maybe it is high time that we looked back at some of that ancient wisdom and took heed.