Good Morning August 26

Many people treat the Bible as a loose leaf notebook. They are able to remove and discard pages they don’t like. By the time you get a group of people doing this you end up with a pretty thin volume. The moral teachings of Jesus, and His call to love others is great, but the rest we do away with. There are parts of the Bible I don’t like, and parts I don’t understand, but that really underlines the veracity of the whole. It is a real book, about real people with all of their sins, and about a Lord, our Lord, who has worked through many centuries to redeem them. The Bible is one book given to us by the guidance of God, the Holy Spirit. We do call it the Word of God. Even the parts I don’t like give me instruction. Even the parts that show people’s sins become a mirror for my own life showing my need for the Saviour. The Bible is not a loose leaf book. It is one whole text from our Lord reaching out to us in grace and love.